You are whole as ONE fucking beautiful person. 

Stop dating man-children. Stop blaming yourself for being ghosted and blown off by guys that you put on a pedestal after one date. Start living a life that doesn’t expect you to combine with another to be accepted and successful. Men do it all the time, why can’t you? 

I’m here to lead a band of empowered women into the new world; where being single brings genuine pleasure, and dating and relating is actually fun and hopeful. 

Being “whole as one”

We live in a world that sets us up for failure to be happy as women. We are given strict roles that allow us to be fuckable, marriageable or discardable. All in relation to what we can give men. Is it any wonder then that our family systems support these narratives too?

Does it actually make sense that your brother was indoctrinated to be a boss corporate in a suit and “a little heartbreaker”, while you were concentrating on “being pretty enough”? That most men are raised to live and DO what is best for them and that women are raised to BE attractive, moulding and adapting themselves to accommodate them?

Does it then make sense that you go through life thinking you have to look after everyone else’s needs before your own and that when it comes to dating, you end up so excited to have been chosen that you forgot to fucking take an active part in the choosing?

And you wonder why you get rejected and you feel a visceral pain but also feel incapable of doing anything to change it.

The damn truth is, that if you feel this way single, you will feel that way in a relationship because you will attract partners who lack emotionally and morally (cue: ghosting, using you for sex, non-committal, mind games & gas lighting).

The ONLY way out is to decide enough is enough.

It’s time to UNlearn the bullshit you’ve been fed and start to learn how to be that empowered single woman that feeds on DOING and writing her own story and actually feels good about it. True CONFIDENCE can only come from knowing who we are and being unapologetic in showing it.

And then, (ONLY) if you CHOOSE to be in a relationship, because you are empowered and all that now, you will only let the MEN that know how to meet you half way come and hang. For the love of god, leave the man-child that doesn’t reply to your texts in your archives. 

This is what I do and I love it.

If you like what I am saying and want to work with me then hit me up.

Hi! I am Megan.

I’m just a girl that got sick of feeling like shit about being single, sick of dating the same seemingly “fucked up” guys and decided to do something about it.

I am trained as an:

🦩 NLP Practitioner;
🦩 NLP Coach;
🦩 Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner;
🦩 Hypnosis Practitioner; &
🦩 Mindset Coach

Work with Me…

It’s important for me that I’m not sales-y or convincing people to work with me. This is because I only work with you now you are fully aware that being single and dating as you have been, is causing you pain and a sense of emptiness. And YOU WANT CHANGE and you know I can help. Simple as that. 

Work 1:1 with Me

Work 1:1 with me. At present this is the most immersive way to work with me and effect the growth you need in your life for being WHOLE AS ONE. 

Work in a Group:

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Work through Online Course

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What my clients have to say..

Meg has an incredible ability to make you feel completely at ease, to be open and safe in her presence.
Her knowledge and guidance is so encouraging and supportive and she has inspired me, to be empowered and to take control of my life as my most authentic self.
I have already felt a huge shift in my beliefs and perspective and I know there is so much more to come, and that is thanks to Meg, (although I know she will say that it is me and I am making it happen for myself).
I am excited for my future; I know the life I yearn for will be a reality and that I am worthy of it.


Working with Meg has been so incredibly illuminating and honestly life-changing. Her natural, easy style makes conversing and unpacking things so comfortable and the hour go so quickly. Her methods and questions are never leading, but edge you closer to what you already know to be true in yourself. Already I’ve learnt so much about myself and my learned behaviours and patterns when it comes to purpose, relationships and self worth. I couldn’t recommend working with Meg enough! She is INCREDIBLE!


Just wow! What a thoroughly eye opening and refreshing session I had with Megan, it totally blew me away.
The way she could really see into a behaviour I had and struggled with for over 25 years, and help me look at it in an entirely different (and positive) way. Megan enabled me to have insights, which have changed the way I have dealt with it’s recurrence since, and I feel like an entirely new person.
I am no longer owned by that particular behaviour, I own it! And can use it as and when I choose to, as opposed to it having control over my happiness, and my life.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Megan to help you discover what is holding you back, from being the best version of you. She kicks ass!


Connect with Me

Everything you are has been learned at some point in your life. That means it can all be unlearned. If you’re over the same old story then let’s fucking change it.

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